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5 Secrets to Positive Online Reviews


Getting positive feedback in your online reviews is an evolving process, but it’s something that all savvy businesspeople can manage, understand and use to their advantage. It’s an ongoing process that won’t just help your online reputation; it will entirely improve the way you do business.

Evaluate the Reviews You’re Already Getting
The reviews you already have are a wellspring of information about how your customers see your business. With a solid understanding of how customers are interacting with your dealership, you’ll have a much clearer picture of where you need to improve.

Ask for the Review
Every sales representative in your dealership knows to ask for the sale, but do they know to ask for the review? It’s not enough to just know that there are reviews out there. Actively asking customers for their reviews suggests that a salesperson is confident enough in the transaction that the review will be positive.

Respond, Respond, Respond
Oh, and also respond. Think about the last time you commented on something you read on the internet. Wouldn’t it be immensely satisfying to have the author take the time to respond to your comment? It’s the same with a review. If it’s a bad review, it’s an opportunity to turn it around that you didn’t have 10 years ago. If it’s a good review, a simple thank you is always appreciated.

Understand Where and When You’re Being Reviewed
Are your customers posting reviews on their laptop at home, or are they posting reviews on a mobile device while they’re standing on your lot? It’s helpful to learn just how quickly your customers are reviewing your dealership. If there’s an opportunity to strike while the iron is hot, you can significantly impact the nature of those reviews.

Don’t Forget the Service Department
As important as the sales reviews are, people are coming into your service department with much greater frequency. Asking for reviews of those smaller transactions has a definite impact on your online reputation, providing  a much greater volume, and a better picture of what your dealership is like for consumers.