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A “Fast Track” to Certified Employee Status


Becoming a DealerRater Certified employee can pay big dividends.

For dealership sales professionals, for example, it can mean selling on average two additional cars per month compared to non-certified employees. In addition, in-market consumers are 12 times more likely to convert to a sales lead if they have viewed Certified employee profiles.

Now securing certification can happen more quickly than ever, with dealership employees able to begin marketing their new and powerful DealerRater credentials within 48 hours of completing the certification program.

Employee certification is a key component of DealerRater’s award-winning Certified Dealer Program. It is available to any employee – sales as well as service personnel – of a dealership that subscribes to DealerRater CertifiedEssentials and enables these front-line team members to earn more reviews and greatly increase their visibility to prospects visiting DealerRater.

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To become certified, participating dealer employees must complete a self-guided online training course, pass a series of comprehensive assessments, and secure a minimum of 10 new and positive reviews each quarter. The training highlights the critical importance of reviews to online automotive shoppers and outlines industry best practices for securing and leveraging online reviews for competitive advantage.

Once an employee has completed their individual training modules and secured 10 positive customer reviews, DealerRater validation is immediate, with certification notification happening within two business days. Previously, employees seeking DealerRater certification were not notified of their designation until the next business quarter.

DealerRater Certified employees gain priority placement on a list of top-rated Certified employees featured on DealerRater search result pages and appear first on the profile list and employee composite page for each dealership. Certified employees also receive an exclusive badge for their DealerRater online profile and a Certificate of Achievement that can be displayed at their dealership.

“Today’s auto shoppers are looking for more than just the right dealership,” explains DealerRater CEO Gary Tucker. “They are seeking the actual person they want to work with before stepping foot in the showroom. We’ve designed our Certified Employee Program to allow dealer personnel to better showcase themselves to consumers seeking top-rated salespeople and service advisors in their area. This enhanced level of visibility offers ample opportunity for employees to better position themselves for success and increased sales. And now with fast-track certification, employees start benefitting from the program immediately.”