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Amplify Customer Reviews


Customer reviews drive sales, improve customer retention, and build up your star salespeople. But you need to make sure car shoppers find your reviews.

The importance of making customer reviews findable is one of the topics we discuss in our recently published DealerRater Guide to Online Reviews. In our guide, we discuss best practices for you to manage reviews as a competitive asset. In recent blog posts, I’ve discussed how and why you should take ownership of customer reviews by responding to them and encouraging customers to create reviews. All those steps are important. In addition, you can put reviews to work for you by amplifying them for visibility and reach. For instance, you should:

  • Use a platform such as DealerRater.com to amplify visibility of reviews in a more systematic way. One review on DealerRater syndicates out to a network of third-party sites – including Cars.com, Facebook and others – with a combined reachable audience of more than 40 million shoppers per month. DealerRater does the heavy lifting to broadcast your reviews farther and wider than you ever could.
  • Encourage your staff to occasionally link to reviews on their social spaces. You don’t want your staff to spam their personal social media followers. But especially when a positive review reflects on your team’s personal service, your team should feel proud enough to let their social networks know about it.

The benefits of amplifying your reviews across the digital world are many. They include:

  • Increasing your visibility with search engines, which pull data from a wide variety of platforms to return search results.
  • Increasing your reach and relevance in all the places where consumers’ perception of your brand is influenced.

Trusted consumer forums like DealerRater can help you manage your reviews as an asset. Contact us to see how we can help. Meanwhile, download our DealerRater Guide to Online Reviews in order to learn more about managing online reviews to win in your market.