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An Easier Way to Manage Reviews



Customer reviews are worth their weight in gold, right? At the same time, it’s not always easy or convenient for dealers to solicit reviews. At NADA, DealerRater will show you how to simplify the important process of getting your customers to review your dealership. We’ll walk you through a tool that our customers have been using to improve the way they manage reviews: DealerRater Connections Plus.

DealerRater Connections Plus is part of our DealerRater Connections product suite, through which dealerships publish employee profiles and reviews through one platform that syndicates reviews to a reachable audience of more than 31 million shoppers each month[i]. Additionally, top salespeople are also featured on Cars.com – to start creating connections right where a consumer is researching their purchase. Doing not only helps build your brand presence, but also creates preferences for your dealership and your salespeople.

Now, here’s where DealerRater Connections Plus comes into play: DealerRater Connections Plus includes all the benefits of DealerRater Connections — and automates the process of soliciting reviews. That way, dealerships don’t need to fuss with monitoring which customers have left a review and contacting them to ask. DealerRater Connections Plus automates that process through text and email, resulting in the collection of more customer reviews, the lifeblood of lead creation and relationship building.

Since we launched DealerRater Connections Plus, customers have experienced a number of benefits including:

  • 4X increase in average weekly new reviews[ii].
  • 50 percent increase in reviews submitted via text message[ii].

And here’s the best part: 94 percent of reviews submitted were positive[ii].

A large Chevrolet dealership in New York recently shared with us a personal testimony about the power of DealerRater Connections Plus. The dealership was averaging about 27 reviews per month using DealerRater Connections throughout 2017. After adding DealerRater Connections Plus, the dealership is on pace to publish 100 reviews a month. And the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

At NADA 2018 March 23-25, DealerRater will have a team dedicated to showing our customers how DealerRater Connections Plus works. We’ll provide hands-on help in the spirit of the Apple Genius Bar. To maximize the value of your NADA experience, book a visit with us here and plan on stopping by Booth 4802C!

[i] Unduplicated audience of Autotrader, KBB.comCars.com network, and DealerRater.com via comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform, U.S., averaged over six months, October 2017.


[ii] Based on metrics of 73 DealerRater ReviewBuilder customers between January 1, 2016 – October 1, 2017.