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Why Negative Reviews Can Help Dealers

Who’s afraid of negative reviews? Car shoppers certainly are not. And neither should dealerships. Recently, DealerRater surveyed hundreds of recent and prospective car buyers to … Read More »

Reviews Matter: The More Recent, The Better

Dealer Reviews are more important than ever in today’s ‘go-online-first’ world.  Consumers, more often than not, begin their journeys online when they start their vehicle … Read More »

10 Best Scenic U.S. Highways

Summer means many things, but to many Americans, it’s all about hitting the road on vacation.  This year, stay off the major interstates and instead … Read More »

Summertime & the Top is Down

Summer hits in full force this week, beginning with last night’s full-moon June solstice, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than with a … Read More »

Reviews, Rashomon, and That Dress

In 1950, director Akira Kurosawa’s “Rashamon” premiered, launching the then almost unknown world of Japanese cinema into the international spotlight. The film won the prestigious … Read More »