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Celebrating Your Customers through the Power of LotShot


Nearly eight out of 10 consumers have told DealerRater that a review containing a photo is more useful than one without a photo[i]. The good news is that DealerRater customers have a handy tool – LotShot™ — to capture that memorable moment when a customer purchases a vehicle on your lot. But sometimes dealers need a little encouragement to use LotShot to snap those winning photos. So, let’s review a few tips.

As we have discussed on our blog, LotShot, located within the DealerRater for Dealers app, allows dealers to snap a photo of happy customers upon delivery and either text or email to them a link to the photo along with a review request. Your customer receives the text or email with the photo link and is instructed to write a review and post the photo on DealerRater.

Here are a few tips to help you get comfortable taking photos of your customers and asking them to include them in a review:

1 Master the mechanics of taking a photo within the app

After you have downloaded LotShot and set up your account, practice taking photos through your mobile phone. You don’t need to be a world-class photographer to become proficient with LotShot. But the more you know about some of the basics — such as photo cropping and finding the best lighting — the more comfortable and skillful you’ll be. There is no shortage of resources to help you get grounded regardless of the device you own – an example being this Apple page for iPhone users.

Learn the basics. And then teach your team.

2 Get comfortable with your location

Find your ideal location for capturing an image of a customer and their new vehicle at your dealerships. Your store layout and protocol for vehicle delivery may limit your options, but you can improve your chances for taking a great photo by being mindful of your surroundings. Ensure that the location is clear of litter, unsightly garbage cans, or other visual distractions. Make sure the lighting is appropriate. If you are taking your photo outside, understand where the sun casts its glare at different times of the day so that you ensure a clear shot.

3 Get comfortable asking for and taking photos

Practice the entire process with your teammates, including how you’ll ask your customer, “Would you mind if I take a photo of you and your new car? We’d love to have you review us and post your photo.” Practice your delivery and make sure you know how to make the request a simple one.

The goal is get a photo of a smiling customer. You can always explain the mechanics of review posting after you get the photo. In addition, if you feel uncomfortable asking a customer to take their photo, practice will help you overcome that discomfort.

Practicing will also uncover any flaws in your delivery (a common one is not getting close enough to the customer to get a good image) and mistakes such as a shadow obscuring a person’s smile.

4 Practice the LotShot posting process

As we have noted on our blog, the LotShot process is simple. But to explain it properly to your customer, you should do a few trials inside the app – not just taking photos but also receiving them and posting them.

It’s essential that you experience LotShot from the perspective of the customer. That way, you’ll be in a better position to troubleshoot any issues that arise and also walk customers through the process after you take their photo.

At NADA 2018 March 23-25, DealerRater will have a team dedicated to showing our customers how LotShot works. We’ll provide hands-on help in the spirit of the Apple Genius Bar. To maximize the value of your NADA experience, book a visit with us here and plan on stopping by Booth 4802C!

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[i] DealerRater, “Car Shoppers Are Judging You: How Digital Word of Mouth Influences Your Sales,” January 2017.