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DealerRater Announces CustomerConnect


DealerRater takes yet another exciting and important step toward connecting consumers with the right person at the right dealership with today’s launch of CustomerConnect.

According to a recent DealerRater survey, 97 percent of prospective car buyers would prefer pre-selecting a salesperson or service advisor to work with prior to visiting a dealership. CustomerConnect is the first product of its kind to allow dealers to make this happen. In addition, it addresses the trepidation many consumers say they experience prior to visiting automobile showrooms by allowing them to interact directly with top-reviewed dealership employees earlier in the sales process.

With CustomerConnect, dealers can now showcase top-reviewed employees on DealerRater search directories and vehicle detail pages and enable them to connect directly with in-market buyers via SMS texting, email, and click-to-call dialing.

This allows employees to communicate with prospects earlier in the sales process, at the critical point where they have made a decision about the vehicle they plan to buy, but are still deciding on which dealership they intend to make the purchase. By connecting in this way, salespeople can establish the high level of trust necessary to lower car-buyer apprehension, enhance the overall purchase experience, and accelerate business transactions.

To read the CustomerConnect announcement press release, visit: https://www.dealerrater.com/dealers/news-and-events.

To learn more about how dealerships can profit from digital connections between their sales and service employees and in-market consumers, download the white paper, “Bridging the Car Buyer’s ‘Last Mile.'”