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DealerRater Visitors are Ready to Purchase a Vehicle


Recently DealerRater worked with Oracle Data Cloud® on a three-month study to examine the buying behavior of new car shoppers who visit DealerRater.

The report shows that visitors to DealerRater Dealer Profile pages are 3.5 times more likely to buy a vehicle than the average consumer. People who visited an employee profile are four times as likely to buy a vehicle as the average consumer. Of those visitors who later make a purchase, more than half complete the deal within four weeks of visiting the site.

Oracle Data Cloud connected visitors to DealerRater over a three-month period with subsequent vehicle sales data to confirm the actual vehicle purchase activity of site visitors. The analysis indicated that DealerRater visitors have significant purchase intent and are in the final phase of deciding on the dealership – and dealership salesperson – they intend to work with to secure a new vehicle.

“DealerRater is the final stop for shoppers before calling or visiting a dealership,” said Gary Tucker, DealerRater CEO. “This study demonstrates that consumers coming to the DealerRater site are in the final stages of the buying process. Given that consumers are visiting fewer and fewer showrooms, it is especially important that dealers be in front of consumers at this stage of the buying process to showcase their dealership and their people.”

The Oracle study underscores the importance to sales success of engaging consumers online early in their vehicle-buying journey. If your dealerships is looking to profit from digital connections between your sales and service employees and in-market shoppers, download the highly-informative white paper, “Bridging the Car Buyer’s ‘Last Mile,’” to learn more.

For more information, read our press release.