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Even the Grand Canyon Can Get a Bad Review


The Grand Canyon gets bad reviews. It gets mostly great reviews, but it does get some bad ones from time to time.

The Grand Canyon is often said to be one of the few things on Earth that actually exceeds its own hype. 18 miles across, a full mile deep, and home to hundreds of species of animals. It offers a beautiful glimpse at billions of years of geological history and picturesque views that are beyond compare.

For some, though, that’s not good enough. While the overwhelming majority of reviews for the Grand Canyon are positive, there are a few negatives. “It takes too long to hike down to the river.” “There are no roller coasters.” “No Segway rentals.” “Too many other people.” “The bus ride was too long.” “Some of the roads are dirt.” “There was fog obscuring the view.

You get the idea. The point, as relates to DealerRater and online consumer reviews, is that as much as the Grand Canyon provides exactly the experience that most people expect it to, there will always be a small percentage of people who have a negative experience. We’ve discussed this all before, but it bears repeating: negative reviews are going to happen. Every experience is informed by a unique set of expectations and perceptions, and very often, the reason for the review is almost irrelevant. Users are savvy enough to spot an unreasonable complaint. The most important thing is how the dealership responds to a negative review, and the tools available through DealerRater provide an opportunity to show future customers that the dealership reacts with tact and professionalism when faced with some of the more outlandish ones.