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How Personal Profiles Are Helping Dealer Employees Sell Two Cars a Month


A few weeks ago, we posted a story on personal branding, and how important it is for sales staff. Your dealership has worked exceedingly hard to build its brand, but you’ve worked to build your recognition, too, whether it’s your Facebook profile, your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter presence or your Instagram account. But even for the best of us, building an online brand is a challenge.

Building your personal brand on all of your social platforms is obvious, but all of it – with the exception of recommendations from your contacts at LinkedIn – are simply you talking about yourself. In an excellent piece on personal branding at the Harvard Business Review, Dorie Clark wrote “There’s a wide gulf between my knowing that you’ve launched a new business and trusting that you’ll do a good job for clients. I may like you a lot, but unless I see proof of your skills, I’ll hesitate to put my own reputation on the line by sending you referrals.”

Building a personal brand is also a completely new frontier for a lot of automotive salespeople. New social media platforms show up by the day (“Are you streaming on Periscope? You HAVE to stream on Periscope!”) and it’s hard to figure out where to place your best efforts.

Both of those challenges are what a DealerRater Employee Profile is helping to solve, and with demonstrated success.

First, it’s not just you writing glowing things about yourself. It’s your customers writing about their experiences on your behalf. People are finding your profile and seeking you out solely because they read about the great experiences other customers had.

Second, your DealerRater Employee Profile is building your reputation whether you participate in social media platforms or not. Of course, you want to leverage every platform you can to stay in front of potential customers, but an ongoing record of your reputation is building whether you tweet until your thumbs fall off, or you haven’t checked your LinkedIn profile since you quit bagging groceries in high school.

The results are clear: in a survey of Certified Employees, respondents report that they sell two cars a month, based on their DealerRater profile, and three customers a month are visiting the showroom, seeking out the employee with that profile. 79 percent of those who responded said that their Profile helped them sell more cars, and 68 percent said DealerRater-referred customers closed at a higher rate.

Even more importantly, 58 percent of survey respondents said that customers were asking for them by name after reading DealerRater reviews.

There are plenty of review sites out there, but there isn’t a single one other than DealerRater that’s providing that boost to your personal brand.