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Introducing The DealerRater Guide to Online Reviews


Online reviews are the new word of mouth.

According to Cars.com research, about eight out of 10 shoppers use online car reviews and car dealership reviews[1].  Informal conversations with friends and family still matter very much – but an online review causes a ripple effect faster than one-on-one conversations ever could, with the permanence of digital. The newly published DealerRater Guide to Online Reviews will help you maximize the value of reviews to grow sales, improve customer retention, and retain star salespeople.

Reviews can be incredibly valuable to dealers but only if dealers treat them like critical assets. Dealers who are willing to put reviews to work for them will grow their businesses more effectively by learning from reviews, using them to showcase and build the personal brands of their salespeople, and knowing how to encourage customers to leave reviews. But dealers who ignore reviews will lose ground to those who put this critical asset work for them.

The good news is that you have a resource to help unlock the power of reviews with The DealerRater Guide to Online Reviews. Our guide will help you take ownership of reviews by creating a reliable process to earn and manage them. By reading this report, you will understand the importance of reviews in the car-buying journey as well as the critical next steps for winning with online reviews. For instance, the guide discusses how to drive sales by monitoring and responding to reviews as well as how to use reviews to engage and retain staff by empowering them to build and leverage their own personal brand. The report is based on our many years of experience working with dealers as well as a survey we conducted of recent and prospective car buyers.

The report, written in a clear, accessible, “How to” style, is available for download here. Read it today to win with online reviews.


[1] Review Usefulness and Recency, Cars.com, November 2016