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Knowing the Lifecycle of Reviews


Nurturing online reviews throughout their entire lifecycle is key to getting the most out of them.  So how does the lifecycle of an dealership online review really work?  The lifecycle works like this:

  • The dealer salesperson provides an excellent experience
  • The salesperson asks the customer to share his/her experience online
  • The salesperson leverages those dealership reviews in the sales process
  • The next consumer chooses that dealership and/or salesperson because of the reviews he/she read online
  • And the process starts all over again

It’s easy to get started building a culture based on reviews.  Make sure that your salespeople understand the lifecycle of these reviews. From there, build the lifecycle into a continuous process. Then market your people and treat them better than your inventory. You’re going to have them longer. Teach your team the lifecycle of reviews, and then embrace and encourage their individual marketing efforts.