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New Data Suggests a 10-Point Spike in Weekend Site Traffic from Mobile Devices


New data from DealerRater shows a consistent 10-point spike in mobile traffic on both Saturdays and Sundays, week after week.  The jump in mobile traffic suggests that people actively involved in shopping for a car are researching dealer reputation at the moment they’re deciding where to buy a car.

“What’s crucial for dealers to understand is when and where shoppers are reading reviews, and what they’re using to do it,” said DealerRater Chief Executive Officer Gary Tucker. “We’re seeing a 10-point jump in traffic via mobile devices on the weekends.”

Over two consecutive weekends in April, 2015, DealerRater’s mobile traffic increased by up to 12 percentage points over weekday traffic. On Sunday, April 19, for example, 46% of all DealerRater traffic was from a mobile device. Saturday, April 25, mobile traffic fell to 43%, still 7% higher than the highest weekday between April 18 and Friday, May 1.

Car shoppers shop differently on the weekends. They have more time to spend, they’re actively in the mode of visiting dealerships, and they’re in decision mode, deciding not only what car to buy, but what dealership to visit.

“A large group of consumers are evaluating dealers’ online reputations while they’re either on the dealer lot or about to visit,” said DealerRater’s Tucker.

What it means for your dealership is that your weekend traffic is particularly attuned to reviews, and every opportunity to influence those reviews is important.