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Start Winning with Reviews Now


Customer ratings and reviews can help you grow your dealership by attracting customers, retaining them, and improving the performance of your sales staff. But only dealerships that take ownership of reviews will win. And taking ownership of reviews is not a one-time event – it’s an ongoing process that you need to manage all-year round.

Throughout the past several weeks, I’ve been drawing upon the recently published DealerRater Guide to Online Reviews to discuss the key steps required for you to take ownership of reviews:

All of the above elements of a review program are essential — but they aren’t going to be very effective if you treat them as a one-off to-do’s. For instance, responding to reviews means monitoring what your customers say about you daily, flagging reviews that need immediate attention, and assigning the job of responding to a specific sales person or team member in the best position to respond.

To follow the above steps in a more systematic way, I recommend that you:

  • Appoint someone the job of creating and managing reviews. (That someone might be you.) Make it an important and respected part of their job.
  • Ensure that your designated review owner documents the procedures for managing reviews.
  • Invest time understanding best practices for ratings and reviews – because practices do change as do the technologies that support the process. Reading resources such as ours is part of staying smart.
  • Do regular check-ins to monitor your progress. Are ratings improving? Is the volume of reviews increasing? Are reviews up to date? Make sure you agree on metrics and track reviews.

For more insight into taking ownership of customer reviews, download your free copy of our guide, and then contact us to get deeper insight from our team of experts.