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The Five Elements of a Great Salesperson Profile


A salesperson’s online profile is the digital front door to your dealership. About 97 percent of car buyers prefer to select a salesperson before they visit a dealership[i]. A well-maintained profile will encourage shoppers to visit your store; more than 80 percent of DealerRater Certified salespeople say their employee profile helps them sell more cars. Here are the five elements of your salesperson profile you need to get right, based on the best DealerRater profiles:

Note: this is a mock-up used for illustrative purposes

1 A Winning Profile Photo

Choose a picture that makes you look friendly and professional — someone the consumer would trust with such an important decision and experience. Use proper lighting and ensure that the background is free of distractions. Make sure you smile. Tip: review a few photo choices with a trusted advisor. Don’t be modest: get honest feedback on the image that will most likely invite someone to do business with you.

2 A Biography That Makes You More Approachable

Your biography really humanizes the auto dealership. Give your customers a chance to meet you through your biography before they see you. Make it personal. Write in the first person. Discuss why you are in the automotive business and perhaps your favorite car. And don’t limit yourself to automotive-related details. Share your favorite hobbies, sports teams, and any fun facts. Include background that sheds light on your connection to your community, such as any local charities you are involved with. The goal is to make you more approachable by sharing details about who you are.

3 A Video That Rocks

A brief welcome video really humanizes your dealership. We suggest that you upload a simple video thanking visitors for visiting your personal profile and inviting them to meet you in person at the dealership. (On DealerRater, you’ll create it in YouTube and link to it from your profile.) Say what you need to say in one minute or less. You can create a decent video with a mobile phone, but if you do, make sure you speak a bit more loudly than your inside voice and be mindful of ambient noise. (For more insight into ways video humanizes your brand, check out this post by Sarah Epstein of Cars.com.)

4 Contact Information to Encourage a Visit

Don’t forget: your profile is supposed to draw customers to your dealership. So make it easy by providing your direct contact information. Customers shopping on DealerRater and Cars.com can contact you directly from your profile page, or even a Vehicle Details Page, if they feel you’re the person they’d like to work with. Your mobile phone number isn’t visible to consumers online; it’s simply programmed into our back-end to route those incoming connections accordingly.

5 The Little Things That Matter

Your DealerRater profile also allows you to include specialties and training, languages spoken, dealership experience, and industry experience. If you speak multiple languages, do say so – here again, the more accessible and approachable you are, the better off your dealership will be. And, of course, years of experience and specialties/training add credibility.

A few other points to note:

  • You can fill out your profile from both the DealerRater website and through the DealerRater For Dealers app.
  • Visit your profile at least once a year and update it as needed.

When you’re done, you’ll have an optimized profile that will help create a connection with potential customers so that they feel like they know you before they ever walk into your dealership. And even better: your DealerRater profile does double duty for you. With Salesperson Connect, consumers shopping on Cars.com can select an employee to work with directly from a VDP or SRP. This feature is important: connections submitted via Salesperson Connect have an 89-percent higher closing rate and their time to close improves by 15 percent.[ii]

With a great salesperson profile, you’ll make your dealership’s brand more human and approachable through your most effective brand ambassadors. Contact DealerRater for more insight, or check out our step-by-step instructions for for How to Edit an Existing Employee Profile.

[i] DealerRater, “Car Shoppers Are Judging You,” January 2017.

[ii] Metrics from 39 DealerRater Customers, July 12-December 31, 2017.