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The Key to a Compelling Customer Review: Photos


Which customer review do you think is more compelling?

  • An in-depth overview of a customer’s new vehicle purchase complete with her opinion of the automobile and her experience at your dealership . . .
  • Or the same review with a photo of the customer smiling as she shows off her new car?

At a time when people upload 1.8 billion photos a day on to social media, reviews with photos are more powerful and relevant. It’s important that dealers encourage your customers to include visual content whenever they post reviews.

Recently, DealerRater surveyed hundreds of recent and prospective car buyers to understand their perceptions of online reviews. Eighty two percent of consumers told us they find photos to be useful in online reviews[1]

Usefulness of online review content

In addition, nearly eight out of 10 consumers told us that a review that contains a photo is more useful than one without a photo:

Attitudes about online reviews

Dealers, when you encourage customers to review their purchases, make sure you ask them to include a photo with their review. In fact, consider offering to snap their photo on your lot, especially if your customer is visibly excited about their purchase and receptive to providing feedback. DealerRater provides a tool, LotShot™, to create these memorable moments.  LotShot™, located within their DealerRater for Dealers app, allows dealers to snap a photo of happy customers upon delivery and either text or email it to them along with a review request. LotShot™ works this way:

  • Launch LotShot™ within the DealerRater for Dealer app on your smart phone and snap a photo of the customer upon vehicle delivery.
  • After snapping the shot, share the photo with the customer via text or email as a fun memento of their experience.
  • Your customer receives the text or email with the photo and is instructed to write a review and post the photo on DealerRater.

LotShot™ delivers results.LotShot How it WorksIncluding photos in reviews provides many benefits, among them:

  • A review with visuals speaks the language of car shoppers in the visual age. As mobile phones continue to improve the quality of their camera functions, and as more photo apps proliferate, you can expect even more customers to record their experiences visually.
  • Customers humanize the car-shopping experience when they include a photo of themselves with their purchase – and they humanize your brand when their photo is taken at your dealership (even better: a photo of a customer with their favorite salesperson).

Words are important, but images are unique in the way they convey the emotional appeal of a vehicle.

As we discuss in our recently published white paper, Car Shoppers Are Judging You: How Digital Word of Mouth Influences Your Sales, dealers should:

  • Create a platform that allows for customers to review their sales experience with the dealer and have them highlight a photo of their new vehicle.
  • Ask customers to review their experience.

In addition, train your salespeople to become proficient using mobile devices to take great photos of customers. You want your team to be ready when the opportunity arises. For more insight, check out The DealerRater Guide to Online Reviews and  Car Shoppers Are Judging You

[1] Source: DealerRater, Car Shoppers Are Judging You: How Digital Word of Mouth Influences Your Sales, January 2017. We performed a quantitative survey of 503 recent and prospective car buyers from November 3 to 15, 2016.